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invader_waffle's Journal

invader waffle
Planet of the Cheeze Muffins
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Lemme see................ i am a devoted zimologist. I love to antagonize people, and im on a mission to take over the planet of the cheeze muffins. Not to mention every piece of technology i own i built myself. 8D

Likes: food, technology, toys, food, monkeys, my sir unit, food, flying in my spaceship, impressing the tallest, my irken sniper, food, my PAK, blowing up stuff, desruction is nice! and oh yeah, food.

Dislikes: cheeze muffins (they're baked pastries of evil!)

(disclaimer- I am not invader waffle. invader waffle is a character i created. however, irkens and all things related are property of Jhonen Vasquez.)